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Let our Dating Agents do the work, and you will never be single again. Just imagine the fun...

With PDA, all you have to do is show up to your dates. Our Agents take care of everything else.

The safest approach to online dating!


Personal Dating Agent


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  1. How it Works

    Pick the right package. Meet your Dating Agent in an interactive call, and you are set to go! We will create your perfect dating profile, find your best matches, interact with them, and finally, organize your dates. All you have to do is show up at the right time and place!

  2. Success Stories

    "PDA transformed my life. I never had the time to meet new people. Now, my Dating Agent takes care of everything for me, from picking the right woman to booking the restaurant..." Jack, 42, New York, USA          


  3. Membership Packages

    Whether you are a banker in New York, a busy professional travelling often, or you just divorced and seeking to start a new life, PDA has the right service for you. We offer three basic packages, and on top of that, everything is customisable.